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Arvada New Homes If you are interested in looking at Arvada new homes then you need to know that this area is potentially contaminated from the plutonium and other harmful chemicals released by the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. The community is in peril, its air, water, and soil endangered by new construction plans. Go to to know more and find out how you can help spread the word.  

Arvada can be a great place to live, but if you are planning to move into one of the Arvada new homes, then you should be aware about the concerns of locals about radioactive contamination in the area. Not all of Arvada is at risk, but certain housing projects are. 
The Candelas development is particularly problematic. It is too close to the Rocky Flats Plant, a former facility that was used for developing nuclear weapons. Local advocates are concerned with Candelas' proximity to the plant, which may cause airborne contaminants to reach the new homes. Citizens of Arvada themselves were shocked to discover that potential home buyers are not required to know about the history of the Rocky Flats and the risks of living near the plant.
Just how bad is the contamination? It is serious enough to be a cause of concern. Homeowners who live in Superior, a nearby town, have found possible radioactive contaminants in their area. Superior is on the northern border of the wildlife refuge area of the Rocky Flats. 
It is important to learn more about Arvada and the history of Rocky Flats. Before you decide to look into Arvada new homes, we recommend reading what our advocates would have to say here at Candelas Concerns. This website is designed to provide information to new homebuyers in Arvada and Candelas. Candelas Concerns wants to raise awareness about the possible contamination of your home from toxic materials like plutonium.

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